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Linmon is a fictional beverage company that sells lemon-based tea drinks.

The objective of this project was to design a logo and product packaging that have consistent branding. These assets would then would be used to create posters to advertise the company and drink.

3D render of Linmon lemon tea juice box


  • Date

    September 2022

  • Role

    Graphic Designer

  • Software

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Dimension

  • Deliverables


    Packaging Designs

    Ad Poster (using Illustrator)

    Ad Poster (using Dimension)


  • 01


    Brainstorm a beverage company and design a logo

  • 02

    Asset Creation

    Create product packaging and a 3D render of two different beverage containers

  • 03


    Create posters that advertise the drink using Illustrator and Dimension

Brainstorming the Brand

When we were first introduced to this project, I immediately knew that I wanted to do a lemon-based drink. I researched well-known brands that produce lemon-based drinks, such as Nestea, Vitasoy and C.C. Lemon. The brand name would be called "Linmon", which is the combination of the Chinese word 林, which means forest, and the word, "lemon".

I decided that my fictional brand would promote the health benefits of lemons and emphasize their use of simple, high-quality and unique ingredients. As a result, the target audience would be young people aged 20-35 years old who are health-conscious and enjoy tea.

Colour Palette and Logo Concept

With the brand identity solidified, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to convey through the logo and colour palette. The main colours are yellow and green, which convey a healthy, fresh and bright feeling.

For the logo, I sketched an array of thumbnails to brainstorm ideas. I chose to go with a tree where the leaves of the tree create the shape of a lemon. I also incorporated the Chinese word 木, which means wood, as the shape of the trunk and branches.

Thumbnails of the Linmon Logo
Thumbnails of the Linmon logo

Packaging Design and 3D Render

I decided to go with a juicebox container and a glass container for Linmon's beverages. I was able to make these 3D shapes using Adobe Illustrator's 3D tools such as extrude and revolve. After creating the bottle shapes, I created the packaging designs also in Illustrator.

3D render of the juicebox and glass bottle containers
3D render of the juicebox and glass bottle containers
Linmon Poster depicting a picnic scene where lemon tea drinks are on a picnic table
Linmon advertisement poster made using Adobe Illustrator

Poster using Adobe Illustrator

For the poster, the specifications were to depict a scene in which the drink would be sold or experienced and include a perspective grid. I decided to show that by drinking Linmon lemon tea, you would be escaping the city and returning to nature. I did this by creating a faraway cityscape in the background. The drinks were placed in the center of the poster on a welcoming gingham tablecloth and surrounded by trees.

Poster using Adobe Dimension

The same packaging assets were used to create a more realistic marketing poster using Adobe Dimension. This poster would advertise that the drinks could be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Linmon Poster depicting lemon tea beverages
Linmon advertisement poster made using Adobe Dimension
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